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Veröffentlicht: 2018-01-17 05:35
csp-qt TESTRELEASE 2018-01-17 DMA1 (1 files Verstecken)


This is test release for debugging DMA and FDC (MB8877). This contains "Japanese Communication board"(日本語通信カード) emulation. This also contains UART emulation. Please check if you have ROM image. Note:

Some names of firmwares has changed. See fm7.txt and fm77av.txt .

Jan 17, 2018 K.Ohta <>


Updates: commit 2350969f27f089a9a3df39f8fb456cad4adeda2d Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 05:09:43 2018 +0900

UIQtFM7 Update UIs, revision.

commit 24f54c39da49dabf7bec34946c4fe46fe3550ee8 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 05:07:18 2018 +0900

VMMB8877 Fix DRQ/IRQ timing. VMMB8877 Make IRQ with disk not inserted or not connected when processing command(s). VMMB8877 Expect to work OS-9 L2 for FM77AV40.

commit 82b9e9120514dafd785803ebf8c4494d8ea8d397 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 02:58:32 2018 +0900

VMFM7JCOMMCARD JCOMMCARD has no backup battery.Not save ram.Thanks to Ryu Takegami.

commit ae5cabae3c0d98ec9f9516b784cc95faf4500e88 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 02:55:07 2018 +0900

VMFM7JCOMMCARD Change name of dictionary rom to "DICROM.ROM".This rom is same as FM77-211.

commit d4dffe4e97eb51313a24761f7e8add9c1f1dd5dd Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 02:45:21 2018 +0900

VMFM77AV40HD6844 HD6844 has only a one interrupt line, not multiple. VMFM77AV40HD6844 Rename drq_line to busreq_line. VMFM77AV40EXHD6844 FM77AV40EX has only one DMA channel.Not multiple channels. VMHD6844 Add "USE_MULTIPLE_CHAINING" and "USE_CHAINING" flags for FM77AV40/EX/SX series. VMHD6844 Add special flags for FM77AV40/EX/SX. VMFM77AV40HD6844 Expect to complete booting OS-9 L2 for FM77AV40.

commit 56b317e5727a3fbcf4d73e3871e2d16c4bc45020 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Wed Jan 17 02:42:53 2018 +0900

VMFM7MB8877 Not clear status when force-interrupt with TYPE-1 Command(seek etc).Fix (Add hack) for FUKU*.d77 (えびふく's music disks).