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Suggestion for e-mail alerts

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I would like to suggest two updates to the e-mail alerts feature:-

1. I run an IT support business in the UK and I install CrystalDiskInfo on all my customer's computers in resident mode with e-mail alerts. When CrystalDiskInfo generates an e-mail alert to my e-mail address, the only identifying information is the hostname of the computer, which is often rather vague. Could we please have an extra field in the e-mail settings where you can enter some freeform identification information to be sent as an extra field in the message? That way when I receive an alert, I'll know exactly who it is, so I can arrange to look into a possible hard drive issue.

2. When I was initially setting up the e-mail alerts I had a lot of problems getting it working with "known good" e-mail server settings. I got it working in the end using alternative servers after a "trial and error" exercise. What would be useful, when running the "test message" feature, would be a verbose report on the email sending process, to help in diagnosing problems.

CrystalDiskInfo is an excellent hard drive monitoring tool. Keep up the good work.

D Hale david@dhcomputing.co.uk

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I've tried various Gmail settings trying to get this to work without out success. There appears no way to get it to send an email. I keep getting a message saying "Must Start TIs First" whatever that means. On a server this just makes the program useless for monitoring purposes. More work needs to be donme on fixing what is a pre-requisite alert feature.

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Multiple attempts to send a test email results in "Must issue start TLs First" - a fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to go to your gmail account, you will receive an email saying an application is trying to connect and it's unsafe. You can enable a setting to allow applications and enable less secure connections.

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Don't forget to use an app password if your gmail email id uses 2FA!


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