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How to enable voice in Crystaldiskinfo (2020-08-02 05:25 by rittmeister #85483)


Domo arigato for this great software!

I would love to enable the voice in Kurei-Kei Edition, but all I get is this silly xylophone ding dong.
Can somebody please explain how to get voice working? I use it on Win10 and on Win7.

Thank you.

Re: How to enable voice in Crystaldiskinfo (2020-08-02 08:43 by rittmeister #85484)

OMG, I finally figured it out...
you have to set Language to Japanese to get the voice output.
it would be cool to have english text and still the japanese voice output. or even better make an english voice.dll...

I would personally volunteer to make an english voice.dll and setup, actually I would do english and japanese for my favorite mangas.
i.e. Ah! Megami Sama, Berserk, Highschool DxD, Evangelion,...

any hints how to do it anywhere?

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