CoTerminalApps contains colored-ascii-character games that run in a commandline terminal on msWindows, OS-X and Gnu/Linux.

Now with runtime-priority control of console terminal, in Windows.

They can also be rebuilt after installing the GNAT GPL Ada compiler.

Includes rpn(calculator), cinv(SpaceInvaders),cpac(Pacman), cfrog(Frogger) and 10 puzzle games that use ascii characters only: crush(rush-hour), cslid(klotski), c7(flat7), caz(flatAZ), csok(sokoban), chio(hole-in-one), chio4(hole-in-one+4), c9(nine), cdd(dirty-dozen), cpan(panama);

Keyboard setup is important. You should have a short key-delay and fast repeat rate setting.

Usable keys for all:

arrow-keys or WASD or IJKL for movement; (q)=quit (?)=help toggle

All puzzles & games can now be launched from the selector app thusly:

Windows: winterm.bat Mac/OSX: Linux:

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  • added keymaps for IJKL, WASD, when possible, eg. pacman;
  • minor correction to compilation scripts;
  • pacman (cpac):
    • now enqueue ONLY valid moves;
    • corrected, improved, simplified movement logic;
  • major update to OSX libraries to AdaCore 2017;
  • now uses static libraries to simplify build process and enhance robustness;