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2021-09-01 20:50
Rezensionen von Haddock

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Clonezilla is a great program as long as you only have ONE operating system on your PC. Clonezilla saves the images by naming the disks with the old system: sda, sdb, .... etc. But sometimes it happens that when I start Clonezilla the disks appear out of order. I don't think it's Clonezilla's fault. It may be because of the motherboards of my PCs (ASUS). It may also be the fault of the new Linux kernels. This behavior is very dangerous as an sda disk image is saved as sdb and vice versa. If you are not careful, a Debian11 image on the sdb disk, saved as sda, may overwrite a Debian10 installation on the sda ​​disk. I repeat that this is not the fault of Clonezilla but of the kernel which arbitrarily assigns the order of the disks. To avoid this behavior I usually shut down the PC completely before putting the Clonezilla pendrive. Most of the time the discs appear correctly ordered by this method. But not always, so I have to do multiple reboots. The solution would be to use the UUIDs of the disks but I have to admit I don't like it. The Linux kernel would have to be manipulated so that it respected the order indicated in the BIOS of the motherboards.

2018-02-15 18:50
Rezensionen von

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Very useful, simple and well made tool. The 5th star is waiting for the live-clone function.

2016-08-21 11:06
Rezensionen von PatH57

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works like a charm ;-) hope you keep up the good work