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2018-05-10 16:46
Rezensionen von datcat

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2018-05-10. Since almost ten years I use CloneZilla as my most reliable, flexible and fastest Back-Up-Solution regardless what I need to secure, temporarily or long term. The beauty is to have CloneZilla on a USB/CD/DVD and be able to boot whatever device and backup whatever filesystem to an external USB connected HDD. If I later need to rescue a partition or the whole drive later this reinstall operation is done within a few minutes time from the previous backup - faster and more reliable than anything I have tried before! My humble admiration to the CloneZilla Project is virtually endless, Thank You so much!!! Linux rules! Gretings from datcat, Gothenburg, Sweden

2018-05-02 01:06
Rezensionen von IoTeacher

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Working 4 years in high school lab, linux Windows Dual Boot,
64Gb USB bootable imagen, work fast !!

2018-04-29 04:05
Rezensionen von Radu

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The best disk imagining tool: simple, reliable and with all the functionalities you can imagine. Additional it's free and open source. I used many comercial disk imagining tools for many years but none is comparable.

2018-02-15 18:50
Rezensionen von

(8 von 16 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Very useful, simple and well made tool. The 5th star is waiting for the live-clone function.

2017-09-28 17:44
Rezensionen von mliras

(19 von 39 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
very good distro. Very useful.

2017-04-29 20:50
Rezensionen von ArizonaCat

(21 von 45 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Great program for users who like to dabble in trying stuff that could wreck havoc. It can be a lifesaver for computers.

2017-04-19 20:10
Rezensionen von CHAR

(20 von 29 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Don't know what I would do without it. NOTHING comes close. Easy to use. Take the defaults, and read the prompts. Thank you!!!

2017-04-07 03:46
Rezensionen von EwMar

(13 von 18 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Genialny program. Wielokrotnie pomógł.

2017-02-10 16:45
Rezensionen von budi

(15 von 18 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
it's great software, i have been using this tool for 5 years

2017-01-22 19:45
Rezensionen von Anathem

(9 von 19 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Must have! Used to clone Windows drives and partitions with various free and commercial software. In my experience, Clonezilla is the only truly reliable tool for this purpose. I'm not a beginner, but it seems extremely easy to use as long as one knows what kind of result one would like to have. Had major issues cloning a Windows 10 installation to a SSD, using Sandisk's own software. Clonezilla had no problems whatsoever.
Ease of use, reliability, free and open source - beats Paragon, AOMEI WD - Sandisk and whatever Samsung packs with it's SSDs. Cloning a complete HDD cannot be very fast, still Clonezilla is definitely faster than others.
None that I would consider as important - OK, I guess some user might wish for a prettier UI.