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chkcsv: Liste der Commits

Default repository for chkcsv.py.

Rev. Zeit Autor
156a6dcf855a tip 2020-01-27 04:41:23 Dreas Nielsen

Added option to check the order of columns in the CSV file.

a877f76095f7 2020-01-10 22:55:25 Dreas Nielsen

Modified setup.py re change in hosting.

bcebd5ad90bf 2019-01-04 22:35:23 Dreas Nielsen

Merged heads.

1e00f4280f2f 2019-01-04 22:33:56 Dreas Nielsen

Added a check, and error report, if any data row has more columns than the number of column headers.

fd3cad105aa5 2019-01-04 00:20:21 Dreas Nielsen

Merged formatting changes.

b20d06375291 2019-01-03 13:30:53 Dreas Nielsen

Corrected handling of 'next()' with csv library.

0bcecc677719 2018-10-28 05:44:49 Dreas Nielsen

Modified to run under Python 3 as well as 2, and factored the code for easier use as a library module.

1a7ea99a560b 2018-07-29 08:59:29 Dreas Nielsen

Modified PyPI setup.

3fc36c050e59 2018-07-29 08:54:13 Dreas Nielsen

Documentation edits.

d4faed2f5638 2018-07-29 08:17:46 Dreas Nielsen

First commit

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