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C-sharp-s-batch: Zusammenfassung des Repository

C# script batch

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a43f1f3 2016-12-11 19:32:58 T's-Neko master version 1.00


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master a43f1f3 2016-12-11 19:32:58 T's-Neko version 1.00


=== C# script batch 1.00 ===

This is batch file to execute immediately C# language like scirpt.
It uses C# compiler preinstalled on Windows 7/10.
Please install mono on bash (Ubuntu Linux).

Example of C# (.cs) : Shows "Hello, world!".
using  s = System;  // Alias "s::"

class MainClass
	static void  Main()
		s::Console.WriteLine( "Hello, world!" );

Please set up to open by cs_script.bat, if .cs file was double clicked.
You can execute C# like batch file and WSH (VBScript/JScript).
You can execute by drag and drop .cs file on cs_script.bat, even if you did not set up.

*** Attention: Don't execute malicious .cs file!

On command promt, the batch file does not wait for any key input at the end of
.cs file, if command line was specified with /c option.
cs_script.bat  new.cs  /c  Parameter1

On bash, please specify with "cs-script" in your shell.
./cs-script  new.cs  Parameter1

You can connect with debugger, if "// Debug=on" was written in .cs file.
But it is necessary to be installed Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop
and so on and be extracted content in cs_script_project.zip
at "Visual Studio 2015\Projects\cs_script" in user document folder.

On bash, connecting with debugger is not suppored.

Please edit cs_script.bat, if you change version of C# compiler and
the project for debugging.

cs_script ver 1.00
cs_script is provided under 3-clause BSD license.
Copyright (C) 2016 Sofrware Design Gallery "Sage Plaisir 21" All Rights Reserved.

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