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Bytom-Dapp-Demo: Commit

A simple deposit and profit bytom dapp demo

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Revision3bb6757c4f94410e13dc891e1c7fb33b57256fa8 (tree)
Zeit2019-04-02 11:21:14
AutorZhiting Lin <zlin035@uott...>
CommiterZhiting Lin

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update the readme file

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--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -18,6 +18,14 @@ Currently we are manually deploy the contract using the [equity compiler tool](h
1818 Network and smart contract control program's constants configurations are stored under the `contracts/configure.json.js` file.
1919 You may edit the configure after an new control program is launched.
21+### Dapp logic
22+Under the `./src/components/util/submitContract.js`, you will see the basic and reusable logic, for developing a Dapp. Including the following steps:
23+- list utxo from buffer server
24+- create the custom contract transaction
25+- lock utxo
26+- call `window.bytom.advancedTransfer` to create the advanced Transaction
27+- update balance if success.
2129 ### Input and Output Object
2230 #### Input
2331 The first Input object must be spend utxo action, utxo will be selected according to the amount matches.
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