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befoo (2.0)2022-01-02 00:20

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Potable by USB memory

You should copy the file "befoo.exe" with the settings file "befoo.ini" to a folder in your USB memory.

Using OpenSSL

Now, we no longer need the OpenSSL. Befoo uses Windows native libraries for TLS/SSL connections.

For Google Apps email

You need to replace the @ mark to %40 in the user name that includes domain name, like below:


The "Server settings" dialog do it automatically.

Attached documents

befoo - IMAP4 mail checker <>

Befoo is a simple IMAP4/POP3 client for Windows 2000 or later. It fetches
mail from plural mailbox, and shows summary with subject, sender and date.

You will copy the file "befoo.exe", and "extend.dll" as necessary, to your
application folder. And you may make a shortcut in the startup folder.
The "extend.dll" provides the settings dialog box. If it didn't exist, you
need to edit your settings manually by Notepad.

Befoo will read your settings from the file "befoo.ini". This file will be
located in the user's local application data folder, or the same folder
with the application. At initial startup, it will be created in the local
application data folder. See below an example for "befoo.ini":

passwd=your password	; It will be coded later.
sound=MailBeep		; A sound alias or path to a wave file.
			; (default: No sound)
period=10		; A fetching period in minutes. (default: 15)
ip=6			; IP version 6. (default: 0 meaning "unspecified")
verify=1		; Ability to verify certificate, only server name.
			; (default: 3 meaning "full")

[another over SSL]
verify=2		; Allow self certification.

[Google Apps email]


[POP3 recents]		; Summary of recents only.

[POP3 over SSL]

icon=32,50,2		; The mascot icon size, transparency and resource
			; number. (default: 64,0,1)
balloon=5,3		; Period and subjects to show the balloon.
			; (default: 10,0)
summary=5,1,20		; Period to show the summary, switch to show the
			; summary when mail is fetched, and the inactive
			; summary transparency.(default: 3,0,0)
delay=30		; Delay seconds to the first fetching.(default: 0)

This product is distributed under the GNU GPL. Please read through the file
LICENSE.txt for more information.

Bug reports:
For any bug reports or feature requests please refer to the ticket system
at SourceForge.JP <>.

Copyright (C) 2009-2012 TSUBAKIMOTO Hiroya <>

Befoo may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License Version 3 or later. Please read through the file
LICENSE.txt for more information about this license.

Some files are taken and modified from other projects:
 - icons/default/*.ico from the gunbiff project, GNU GPL
 - icons/simple/*.ico from the Human-O2 IconsSet, GNU GPL