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2017-10-16 14:22
Rezensionen von Stromer

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Does not work well on AMD based PCs.

2017-10-16 12:24
Rezensionen von James34602

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A good alternative to Android tablet!
Performance are quite promising if your device support this OS
Could not support some new mobile x86 CPU

2017-09-23 17:57
Rezensionen von འཔོkrif

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Great project! Porting Android to x86 platform is needed thing.
x86 platform is wait for young and beautiful Android)

2017-08-27 23:01
Rezensionen von Harley Joseph

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It is awsome, works great, i'm using an old notebook intel serie classmate i just got some glitch on some games and i can't take screencaptures, it always says that im out of memory or the app doesn't allow to take screencapture.
You can actually have an usefull android on your old computer.
it got some glitch, bugs, but nothing that bad.

2017-08-16 12:32
Rezensionen von jw

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love androidx86 its almost as if youre using a real android :P

2017-07-14 07:59
Rezensionen von Benjamin

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Android x86 is great! Currently running on an Acer AXC-704G-UW61 (UEFI) desktop, HP 15-F387WM Touch (UEFI) and HP 2000-299WM (MBR x86, 64-bit is broken for me) laptops. As of 7.1.2 RC1 it supports Intel hardware decoding(even on older GM45 chips!). On my XC-704G it can handle Moonlight GameStream at 720p 60fps with H.265 with only 10-15ms decoder lag. It works with 1080p 60fps H.265 just with a little more latency than 720p. GM45 has always been a bit lacking, even on regular Linux distros, so I expected a few problems with hardware video decoding(frame skips, blurry decode blocks). Overall Android x86 works great!
Android on x86 Intel Hardware Decoding VLC(so I assume KODI) with Hardware Decoding works great Stable & Fast
No hardware decoding for NVIDIA or AMD yet? Root on 7.1.2 is buggy. Bluetooth sometimes crashes.

2017-06-11 03:24
Rezensionen von j0n4t

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Very good port of Android to x86. Remix OS is based on this.

2017-06-10 21:57
Rezensionen von RonfBat

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It feels really great. Very fast
I am having a problem after I installed on my hp pavillion notebook. It boots ok on the first run, but on the second and beyond boots, it shows a black screen. It passes thru the grub menu, starts loading but before you can see the main android screen, everything goes black.

2017-06-08 22:32
Rezensionen von FelipeM4st3r

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Ótimo projeto, trazendo o Android o mais puro e atual possível para o Desktop.

2017-05-08 05:15
Rezensionen von Henri Koivuneva

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I absolutely LOVE this project. It's incredible -- and using it is even more awesome! you gave a whole new life to my Surface Pro 3 and other devices. THANK YOU. And thank you for the latest Nougat merges, building right now, can't wait to test it! :D
- Newest releases work great - Clean code, informative commit messages - Great community over at Google Groups - Most devices work out of the box without any tweaks or hacking around, even though some would need the latest kernel releases, but they're coming in fast too! - Smooth, nice, fun experience - Many, many apps work even without native bridge enabled from settings. For those that are ARM only, native bridge (houdini) usually does the trick. - If you have a Windows tablet like me, you might find this a great way to consume more media on it - If you're using a laptop or desktop PC, don't worry: It works GREAT with a mouse and keyboard. There's a cursor, too, and for example dragging only needs pressing the left mouse button down and moving the mouse... GREAT WORK. Thank you again. Donated.
None so far in the past few years that haven't been fixed or that aren't on the list of to be fixed. Some things like NVIDIA Pascal graphics support is just waiting for that to appear in the kernel and graphics drivers, so when they come upstream and then to Android-x86, I'm sure I'll be very happy to try this out on my main desktop PC.