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a light simple open suse

a little sip (of) open suse;

A breeze of tumbleweed - minimal live and rolling iso wm=openbox.

Built with OSuse tools - KIWI - and only using official repos.

>> alisiOS is a functional bare bones system that allows you to test, install or build your own tumbleweed using others DE, Games Steam, Kodi and all the great OpenSuse experience.


alisiOS - live installBasic steps 1- live iso to the usb2- install calamares and run itUsb live Install 1 - Download the iso  2 - Prepare | format your usb        - fat32 ... Show How to Install


alisiOS - How to Use 1- update system -------------------------------------------------------- start yast Install/Remove softwarerepositories >> refresh all enable (if autorefresh is disable)... Show Usage


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